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AHS Project Purpose Event

The Animal Humane Society hosts a number of different programs for people of all ages to get involved. One of my favorites are the Project Purpose events. This program gives youth ages 12-15 a deeper understanding of the work AHS does through hands-on service learning. Each three-hour session features a seasonal project, such as making pet supply bags for our outreach community, building shelters for feral cats, or carving pumpkins for shelter dogs to enjoy. I have participated in this a few times, and during today's event we carved pumpkins (which are really good for dogs) and replaced the insides with special treats. We also made "critter" houses out of popsicle sticks for the smaller animals like rats, gerbils, hamsters, etc. It was really fun to give the dogs their "treat." The dog I chose absolutely loved hers and was playing with it and acting all silly. It felt great to do something for an animal during a difficult time in their life as they wait for their "fur-ever" home!

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