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AHS Animal Investigators Class

I attended a really interesting program put on by AHS called "Animal Investigators." This was held at the main AHS location in Golden Valley which is where the animal investigator program is headquartered. There were about 12 of us in the class and we first took a tour of the call center which is where all the calls come in. For instance, maybe it might be a hoarding situation like the ones we hear about on the news, or maybe it's an animal abuse case. It was sad to think of things like that but I am so glad that AHS is there to help.

After our tour, we listened to one of the animal control officers explain how they handle situations like that. He also showed us what they wear to protect themselves. It kind of looked like a haz mat suit. Learning about the process was so interesting and it made me realize that the Animal Humane Society does so much more than just help animals get adopted! I highly recommend this class!

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