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AHS "Project Purpose"

Today I volunteered for the Animal Humane Society's "Project Purpose" service event. This is a fun day where a group of us (ages 12 - 15) got to learn more about the inner workings of AHS while helping make enrichment toys for the animals. We started out folding old newspapers which line the cat cages and then an AHS person gave us some background on all that AHS does. After a question and answer session, we toured the facility and adoption floor and also got to see the veterinary facilities which was very interesting. Did you know that all cats and dogs who come to AHS are spayed or neutered? This helps prevent overpopulation and is a great service.

After the tour, we got to work making cat enrichment toys out of old boxes and toilet paper tubes. We then sprinkled cat food around the base of the toilet paper rolls for the kitties to "find." We also made tie blankets for the dogs. It was a really fun project and I can't wait to do it again!

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