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AHS Walk for Animals 2016

The Animal Humane Society’s 2016 Walk for Animals was an AWESOME experience. For a few months leading up to the Walk, my family and I raised money for this wonderful cause. While we didn’t quite reach our goal of $1,000, I AM proud to say we raised $750 which qualified us for the “Top Walker” category. The evening before the event, we drove to the AHS headquarters in Golden Valley to turn in the money we had raised. We had no idea that we had earned prizes for our fundraising efforts so that was a fun surprise! We received a cute dog bowl, a cooler, a special t-shirt, and a neat zip-up fleece that says “Animal Humane Society” on it which has become one of my favorite jackets.

The morning of the Walk, my mom, dad, and I got ready and then drove over to my grandparents’ house to pick them up because they were participating with us. We also brought our dog Toots. I felt bad because we weren’t able to bring our other dog, a lovable black lab “Bear" because he was too old to walk that far (he was 15.5 at the time). A fun fact about Bear: we adopted him from AHS in December 2014 at the ripe old age of 13. Senior dogs are THE BEST!

Once we arrived, we met up with my sister queens Kelly Brown (Miss Teen MN International 2016) and Sabrina Astar (Miss MN International 2016). I had invited them to participate in the Walk and it was fun to make our first appearance together. We spent some time walking around and saw so many types of animals—even bunnies in a stroller and a HUGE tortoise. There were so many people there to fundraise and help all animals which was really neat to see. I especially enjoyed seeing so many different dog breeds, from teacup-sized dogs to mutts to St. Bernards and everything in between.

Finally, it was time for the Walk to start! As we walked, we saw even more animals and even saw a pirate ship with a Weimaraner dog playing the part of Jack Sparrow! We only walked for about half the walk because Toots was getting tired (basset hounds have very short legs so that was a lot of walking for her).

After the Walk, my family decided to go to one of our favorite places “Psycho Suzis” for lunch because they allow dogs out on the patio. A lot of the other walkers had the same idea so it was fun to see so many dogs eating outside with their owners. It was the perfect ending to a great walk and I can’t WAIT to do it again next year!

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