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Underdog Annual Fundraiser

One appearance I especially enjoyed was the annual Underdog Rescue fundraiser this past fall. I helped sell dog treats to attendees and all of the money went right back to Underdog Rescue. This organization holds a special place in my heart because my grandparents adopted a beautiful 5-year-old English bulldog named Sweetie from Underdog

! We are so thankful that our friend Megan Ehlert (a long-time Underdog volunteer and anti-puppy mill/rescue dog advocate) helped connect Sweetie with my grandparents. Sweetie was a former puppy mill breeder dog who was forced to have litter after litter of puppies. She was treated horribly there. Bulldogs have to give birth via C-section, and each time she gave birth, the cruel people who owned her stitched her up with fishing line of all things! How awful! Can you even imagine?

All the money made at the fundraiser goes to help the Underdog Rescue to save and find homes for other dogs in need, with a special emphasis on rescuing puppy mill dogs. They had a wonderful silent auction with many donations and vendors. At the fundraiser, there were LOTS of pets. One of my favorites was a Pug who had her own car which was pretty much the cutest thing I had ever seen! At this incredible event, you can meet some of the dogs that are hoping for a home! My personal favorite was a Bloodhound puppy, he was very sweet. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend going to this one-of-a-kind event. Special thanks to Megan Ehlert for connecting us with Underdog and for all that she does to raise awareness of the horrors of puppy mills!

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